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Our services go beyond the core Web Development process and provide clients with valuable extras to optimize their online presence.

Code Novice Basic Website

Basic Website Branding Package

This package includes the Basic Essential branding elements to establish a cohesive and professional online presence.


Code Novice Standard Website

Standard Website Branding Package

This package offers a more extensive branding experience, providing a holistic approach to creating a unique and memorable brand identity.

Code Novice Premium Website

Premium Website Branding Package

This package caters to clients who require a comprehensive branding solution with additional strategic considerations.


Code Novice E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website Branding Package

This package is specifically tailored for e-commerce businesses and includes comprehensive branding elements along with customized features to enhance the online shopping experience.


Code Novice Add-on Services

Addditonal Services

Code Novice offers a range of add-on services designed to enhance the web development experience for clients.

Code Novice Web Development Training

Web Development Training

Our training programs are designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to kickstart their careers in Web Development.

All above Services subject to change.

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